Quick Fixes to Get Out of a Rut

If you are the person who has their life together and you have been really productive for quite some time now. In fact, you have been productive more than ever before. You have been consistently hitting the gym, you have been reading a lot, and completing all your projects on time.

But then something happened, and everything has become just a bit harder to do. You have lost all the motivation you had. You are exhausted to the point where you cannot even remember why you were being productive. 

Here is how to get out of a rut.

Simply Do Something 

Use the principle of “do something,” which is the catalyst for action. If you lack the motivation to do something, you need to do something that will spark some sort of action and something to get the ball rolling.

In simple words – this principle is about performing an action when you don’t have the motivation to do anything. Motivation doesn’t necessarily come when you are inspired by something because inspiration, motivation, and action don’t share a linear sequence. 

In fact, the relationship between the three aspects is an endless loop, which means that you can basically start wherever you feel like. That said, it might be far more efficient for you to start with a simple action and let that action turn into inspiration before it transforms into the much-needed motivation to prompt you to take further action. 

Reward Yourself

Another simple yet effective strategy to get out of a rut really quickly is to incorporate the reward technique, where you reward yourself for small wins. If you are highly productive or logical, you might cringe at the thought of giving yourself rewards for the slightest wins; however, when you are stuck in a rut, this might be one of the best things to do to get out of the rut.

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For instance, if you are dealing with a bigger project, you might want to break down the project into smaller milestones and after its completion, you might reward yourself with taking a few days off to relax, rejuvenate, and get back into productivity with more zest.

The reward, in this example, could revolve around booking a holiday and looking up the best short term housing in Long Beach, California, that is, if you plan to vacay in California, Long Beach. Trust us – there is nothing better than giving yourself a reward that you have been looking forward to, such as going on holiday with your favorite people. 

The need to reward yourself for small wins, especially if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation, is not only a physical necessity but also a psychological one. 

The Takeaway

You will also need to do the needful to prevent burnout, which means that you need to establish a work-life balance. You will want to direct yourself into organically growing a lifestyle that you can gradually get used to, that is more and more productive, while rewarding yourself for the small achievements and comparing yourself to who you were yesterday instead of with who someone else is today.