3 Tactics to Increase Your Social Media Audience: a Short Guide for Newbies

How much time do you need to expand your follower base on social media? A month, six months or a year? Most influencers, especially beginners, are convinced that the process of attracting subs is long, challenging, or even impossible. But in fact, the devil is not as scary as he is painted. Of course, you’ll have to put in a little effort, spend your time and resources, but the result you’ll get may exceed all expectations. 

But how to make your path easy, smooth and painless? Well, first of all, you need certain knowledge and skills that will help you understand your target audience, their desires and needs. This is the very first stage, it is quite simple and understandable. And then you need strategies with which you can make your pages thrive and attract the attention of potential followers. 

But which tactics are effective, and which ones are no longer relevant? In today’s article, we have collected the best of them. Keep reading!

  • Invest in your page

No matter what resource you choose as a main, there is competition everywhere. That is why influencers (especially experienced ones) and entrepreneurs start investing in their page at the initial stage. This is a smart strategy with which your page can grow instantly in terms of statistics. There are many ways to spend your marketing budget, but the most cost-friendly and effective is to use the additional incentives that websites like https://viplikes.net/ provide. On the site, you can buy any metric that you need at a certain stage. At the same time, it is important to understand that not everything depends on the number of your fans, so before buying real subs, consider other options too. 

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As an example: if your page doesn’t have many fans yet, you can buy additional views, saves, likes or comments. These metrics will have a great effect on your page. As you know, the better the statistics and engagement, the more followers you’ll have. That is why it is important to choose the best investment tactics and direct money in the right direction.

  • Post video content 

Video marketing has been really booming for the last few years. Most of the most famous resources have already added the ability to post videos of different lengths and even added subtitles. This means only one thing: the future belongs to the video. As a creator, you should be ready to immediately dive into creating video content, editing and directing it. It’s a little more complicated than photos and text (it was popular before), but it brings a lot more benefits in terms of promotion. 

These are not empty words: just imagine, on Insta, short clips (Reels) have about 2.35 billion monthly active users. Considering that previously this platform was mainly focused on selfies and text posts, this is an amazing result. 

Plus, algorithms actively recommend short videos. Any of your clips (even if the page is new) can go viral and significantly help in expanding the subscriber base. Try it!

  • Be active 

The main secret to retaining your current audience and attracting a new one is to be active and stay active. It’s important to be visible – you can post stories, create videos or text messages, whatever you like. To stay active and always have ideas at hand, create a content plan and follow it. Good luck!